The Relentless Pursuit: In Rejection of Failure

 “Let us, then, be up and doing, with a heart for any fate; still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labor and to wait.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Many goals I have set this year, and many I have achieved; yet still many have gone unfulfilled. Rejecting failure and re-evaluating your needs and goals, and projecting them onto a new timeline with what you have learned in their pursuit is the only way to prevent yourself from the disappointment of falling short.

I’ve said before, only be flexible in your timeline when chasing your dreams. If I couldn’t wrap my mind around this form of acceptance, I fear that I would fall into the dread of self-doubt and loathing. This past year I’ve accomplished more than I ever have, yet less than I set out to do.

Sound familiar?

You haven’t failed, unless you have submitted yourself to failing.

Here I am to review my accomplishments and missed goals, to acknowledge them, learn from them, and begin the journey again from higher ground. I hope this can help you do the same!

What did 2017 Look Like?

implementing yoga and pilates as a tool to make breakthroughs in health physically and mentally

This past year I hit a number of life goals that should realistically leave me pretty pleased, and I am, to a degree. I was on a roll, like a ball of fire, crashing through the brush and igniting everything I touched. I started this blog, enrolled in school for neuromuscular massage therapy, hit my lifelong healthy weight goal, set a number of dedicated fitness goals, and continued on with my physically demanding day job during the most mentally and emotionally trying year I’ve yet to experience.

It shouldn’t surprise me that I burned myself out.

I underestimated what I had commit to in comparison to the time I had available to grasp and manipulate. My main focus became school, and fast tracking the process in order to obtain my license as soon as humanly possible, even before graduating. For this I am absolutely on track (my state testing is in less than a week!)

Most everything else has fallen to the side in favor of this goal. While I have indeed met several other goals I set this year, most everything else has simply been maintained. I strive to look at this as an accomplishment in itself.  But one thing has certainly fallen behind – my desire to write.


My commitment to maintaining a weekly content schedule here was the first thing to lose its flame. As an incredibly private person, I knew it would be a difficult task to share so much of myself so frequently – and in the midst of the emotional exhaustion this year brought, I knew I had to let this float further from me to protect my other more pressing goals (and my mind)

The bi-weekly posting schedule will remain the standard here for the foreseeable future as I go forward finishing school, starting up a new business, and launching into a new career.

As far as hitting all those fitness goals I set? Didn’t hit the majority of them. Unwisely, I set mostly upper body goals with heavy involvement in the hands, wrists and shoulders – while I constantly, heavily use these important joints in school, and at work. In my pursuit, and thorough daily use, I saw impressive progression at first – then fatigue, pain, and injury from zero recovery time. My hands, forearms, elbows, and shoulders are very much worse for the wear of this year. I made the (wiser) decision to pause the chase of these particular goals to prevent injury during such an important time.

What Goals I Set, and What Goals I Met

I've now lost over 122 lbs

2017 was an ambitious year. I planned to grow an online presence and blog to establish myself as a professional in the health world, this is a constantly evolving concept, and as far as it goes I have done as well as I could have really hoped. What a learning curve.

I wanted to hit my lifelong weight goal, and see no regression. Check and mate.

I wanted to become the fittest I’d ever been. Done and Done.

Complete the Incline. Huzzah!

Nearing the Summit of the Incline

Change my life and redirect my future. Well on my way!

5 minute weighted plank – not achieved. My shoulders started telling me they were in bad shape and needed more rest time while I was regularly planking through 4.5 minutes. I retracted my daily planking to 1-3 minutes (if you don’t include a month long failure to do so at all, I’ll credit depression here)

Minimum Five consecutive pullups – not achieved. Another case of damage to my hands and forearms that I was unwilling to press through and risk injury.

Minimum ten Dips – Achieved! I hit this goal pretty quickly, but never progressed past it to help save my wrists for school.

Handstand – absolutely not even close. This goal scares me now, knowing that I cannot work at my job now, and I cannot work in my future career without healthy hands and wrists. I’ve been working still on the core strength and stability required, but this may end up being the most heavily modified and compromised goal I go after in the coming year.

What 2018 Will Look Like?

Getting onto Barr Trail from the Incline Summit

This year, I will be graduating school and obtaining my license (and quitting retail forever and eternity). I’ll be heavily focused on launching a new career and revamping every aspect of my life. Building this foundation will take precedence over many other desires; setting up a better future is what will allow many of these things to be achieved in the first place. Financial stability will likely bring with it an address or regional change.

The Colorado Trail is one of the single biggest goals I have set for this year. I put it off from my intended timing last summer to attend school. I’m looking to find more than just a new career this year, but also a more highly evolved self- a 500 mile trail seems to be the perfect catalyst.

What the New Goals are

Again, I want to become the fittest I’ve ever been, overall and in every way – mentally, physically, emotionally, financially – everything.

Pass my state exam, get licensed, graduate, and launch an ever evolving and successful career in integrative bodywork and preventative wellness and health.

Complete the Colorado Trail in its entirety.

5 minute weighted plank – here we go again. I believe that once I can leave my current job and finish school, I can re-up on these specific upper body goals

Pullups – same goal.

Forearm Stand? This one is difficult for me, I think I will prioritize hitting a stable forearm stand, and then reevaluate a handstand from there.

I’d really like to get back into martial arts – both Krav Maga and Jiu Jitsu.

I’d also really like to get back into biking (assuming a new bike fits into the budget)

2017 was a transformational year, no doubt. But 2018? It’s time to dominate.

Writing and sharing your goals Makes it more likely that you will achieve them

So join me below in the comments– tell me about your goals and let’s start a conversation!




Now, for the disclaimer – I am not a vet, adventure guide, personal trainer, doctor, nutritionist, or medical authority, this is meant to be only a source of information and inspiration, implementing these techniques into your daily life is something you do of your own free will and at your own risk.

Join us for the journey!


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