An Update: Intellectual Adventures, Shared Experiences, and New Opportunities

I have some really exciting news to share! This week, I’m starting a new life adventure! In just a few days, I’m going to embark on a new journey, though I won’t be leaving town. It will expand my mind and skill base, and I’m very excited to share what I will learn along the way with all of you. I’ll be getting a new degree, and I’ll be updating you with helpful new skills to foster improvement in several areas of your life and health along the way. Neuromuscular and Trigger point therapy, here we come!

An Update: Intellectual Adventures, Shared Experiences, and New Opportunities

I’ll be attending the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy for a diploma in Advanced Neuromuscular and Trigger point therapy. This means that I’ll soon be a licensed medical massage therapist in the state of Colorado (and not a retail store grunt, yassss). I’m pretty excited for this new set of skills that will really complement my preventative-health approach to life.

What does that mean for you, my lovely reader?

Who doesn’t love a massage? I’ll be sharing insider tips, techniques, and knowledge to take your massage game to the next level. By adding these tidbits to your arsenal of skills, you’ll be able to boost your own health in a multitude of ways. You can also take these techniques to your loved ones to aid them and bring comfort and recovery from daily stressors.

Neuromuscular and trigger point therapy is what is new at

What role does massage play in promoting health?

Massage can greatly help with physical recovery, particularly in relation to muscle recovery. Skilled palpation of tense, overused muscles brings relief to the site and increases blood flow. Stress, pain, anxiety, and depression can all be eased through massage. Nerve function may be improved as well as range of motion. Relaxation is notable in measurably healthier blood pressure and oxygen uptake. I just recently had my first professional massage after receiving a gift certificate for an hour-long session, and I felt like I had drifted off to dreamland. Click Here to learn more about massage

But why do I always feel so beat up after and intense massage?

There are several reasons you may have had discomfort and possibly even nausea after a massage. The concept that toxins are released from your muscles during massage is, while plausible, not what seems to be the actual cause. While you are rubbing out and distributing lactic acids and possibly other built up toxins in one form or another, the palpation of your muscles actually does some damage to them. Myoglobins are released by your tissues in response to (especially intense) manipulation. Your body’s way of dealing with this is standard; into the blood, through the kidneys. If you are not well hydrated, have mineral deficiencies, are not accustomed to massage, or had a particularly intense session; you are more likely to experience a mild Rhabdo effect, just like you would after any intense physical exertion.

Before engaging in a massage, especially deep tissue, make sure you are very well hydrated (and stay that way!) If you are mineral or vitamin deficient, make sure you re-up on these essential bits of fuel for your body. I like to make a clay masque (bentonite), cover myself in it head to toe and let it dry before taking a tea and mineral salt bath to help draw unwanted ‘toxic’ substances out of my body. I highly recommend this type of ritual method. It is extremely relaxing and rejuvenating! Play with different teas and find what you like best!

Benefits of Massage, and what you'll learn at

Alrighty then, how can I apply massage to benefit myself?

We already know how good massage feels. Releasing muscle tension, easing headaches, aiding muscle recovery, etc. are benefits you can reap from massage. But you can’t go out and have someone rub your muscles out every time you feel like it. Most people can’t afford a full-time personal masseuse that follows us around everywhere, no matter how much we desire that. Damnit. Learning how to work out your own aches and pains for a daily bit of tension release is the way to go. You’ll not only be helping your body, but your mind as well.

Let’s talk about another huge benefit of self-massage though; greater personal awareness. Getting intimate with your own anatomy is so important! This is in the same vein as doing the usual self-cancer checks. The more familiar you are with your bodies’ norm, the more aware you are of something being out of place. Keeping a mental track of trends and patterns will help you be more conscious and responsive to your own needs. Love your body! It, and your brain, will love you back. Stay tuned, and I’ll keep giving you better and better tips how!

Massage and increasing family bonds at

I’m down! How is it going to benefit my loved ones?

Well, again, they’ll get all the usual healing and relaxing benefits of a good rub down. But what more? Bond strengthening to the Nth degree. For your partner, your children, your animals, your healing touch is going to bring with it assloads of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. Becoming familiar with their aches and pains, preferences, and helping them through stressors deepens a sense of reliability and trust. For your partner it will also bring with it a deeper sense of intimacy, and a new or greater form of communication. A loving touch is sometimes the most efficient shared form of communication between a couple. Building a more advanced complexity within this language is always beneficial.


Touch is sometimes the most efficient shared form of communication

Where will I be finding this helpful information?

Going into the future, it is most likely that I’ll be posting about these tips and tricks in the PHYSICAL section of the site, though you may catch the occasional article here, under LIFE ECLECTIC.

I’m very excited to learn and grow in this new field of life. I’ll be able to exit the retail game soon, and upon completing this diploma will build on it in many directions. The possibilities are endless! Life really opens up when you chase it, friends! I encourage you to seek knowledge and education all throughout your life, be it in a trade degree, a workshop, a doctorate, whatever. Always seek opportunity! Stagnation will kill you. I can’t wait to share these skills with you, hang around and we’ll build knowledge together!

Canine Massage at

Importantly, I want to touch on this before I wrap up. Though I will be a licensed therapist in the state of Colorado, this does not mean I will be your therapist, and I will not be held responsible for any actions taken. Reading my advice does not create a client/professional relationship or contract. If you choose to implement these techniques, you do so as an informed individual making your own decisions at your own risk. Thank you for using your sense and doing what is right for you!

Do you have a story to tell?

Share your experiences with massage and massage therapy with us in the comments below, or connect with us on any of the following social platforms, we would LOVE to hear from you!

Join us for the journey!


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